The Port Chester Dog Park Group is a grassroots community organization established specifically for the purpose of building a dog park in Port Chester. We are a group of Port Chester and surrounding community residents dedicated to creating a fenced in area for our dogs to be able to run, socialize, and play offleash. We are thrilled that the Board of Trustees has approved the location of the upper level of Abendroth Park for our dog park, and now we are in the midst of raising the necessary funds to build the park.

We wanted to take this time and let everyone know that our Crowdtilt campaign has come to an end. We finished with a SOLID $1,000, but better yet, we have made many more people aware of our cause. Since January, our Facebook page has grown to nearly 400 likes, helping our message reach the community. We are still well short of our total but hey this is only the beginning. Next week we will be at Port Chester Day, Saturday August 24th. We invite EVERYONE to come and check us out, get to know us, our cause and consider making a donation.

HEY at least buy a tshirt to show some support!

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